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Bristol Area Lions tour Carpenter’s Boat Shop 10/26/2009

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The Bristol Area Lions gathered at the Carpenter’s Boat Shop for their meeting on Oct. 19. The group marveled at the spacious, well appointed new workshop in the post and beam barn. Welcomed by instructor, Kenneth Kortemeier the apprenticeship program was explained.

The boat shop’s program is open to anyone over age 18 and is for people who are in life transition.

Those wishing to enter the program must first spend three days living at the boat shop, enabling them to experience boat shop life, after which they may apply.

Of the approximately two-dozen applicants who apply each year, only 10 who will benefit the most are selected. Apprentices are from all walks of life and from all across the United States and other countries as well.

It is a nine month in-residence program beginning each September. There is no tuition, nor is there any pay for work done. The aim is to live in creative simplicity based upon the Benedictine monks’ values. The life of the boat shop is supported by the sale of the boats and furniture built by the apprentices and by the generous gifts of many people each year.

Kortemeier showed the group the first item an apprentice makes: a toolbox. Then they build two boats. The group saw a Monhegan skiff in the process of completion ordered by a fisherman on the island. They also restore boats and learn other woodworking skills, but he noted that the purpose of the program is not to make wooden boat builders, but to provide living and carpentry skills.

Apprentices live in community and share weekly chores including meal preparation, decision making and volunteer for community service projects. There is time for sailing, rowing, meditation, study and personal reflection to prepare people for the next step in their life’s journey.

The group was led across the road to the former workshop, now the showroom, to see finished boats, various sized shaker boxes, post and rung chairs, stools and rockers, and Adirondack furniture, all of which is for sale.

The Lions reconvened at the Willing Workers Hall for dinner catered by the Samoset Restaurant and a brief business meeting.

The next meeting will be Mon., Nov. 2 at 6 p.m. The speaker will be the recently retired Director of Orbiter Production and Operations, United Space Alliance, Edward J. Polewarczyk who now resides in Wiscasset. He will present a PowerPoint Presentation on the Space Shuttle Program.


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