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Bristol Area Lions Club Welcomes Owner of Sproul’s Furniture 10/24/2013

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Lion Tom MacGregor thanks speaker Laura Sproul of Sproul’s Furniture for her recent presentation to the Bristol Area Lions Club

Lion Tom MacGregor thanks speaker Laura Sproul of Sproul’s Furniture for her recent presentation to the Bristol Area Lions Club

In 1939 John A. Sproul opened a furniture store in a former grocery alongside the Damariscotta/Newcastle bridge. Nearly 75 years later that home furnishings business is still successful and still in the family. Laura Sproul, only child of the founder, recently shared her memories of growing up in the business for the Bristol Area Lions Club.

Laura Sproul never expected to take over the furniture business, having studied instead to be an English teacher, which she did for 28 years at Wiscasset High School. Although not trained for it, Sproul loves the family furniture business that she now runs. She explained that some of the business practices begun by her father are still in use, from inventory to pricing, with a special emphasis on quality merchandise and top-notch customer service.

The longevity and team spirit of Sproul’s workforce attests to the fact that John Sproul ran his business to be fun as well as fair.

Sproul Furniture offers services to outfit entire houses, and the company has customers as far afield as Belfast and Portland. Remarkably, deliveries within Lincoln County are free. The company prides itself on promoting furniture that is made in the USA.

Even during the economic challenges of the last few years, Sproul has maintained quality inventory, which well-informed consumers will always seek out.

Sproul Furniture is one of five similar businesses locally, and it is a challenge to keep up with the competition, but it also keeps the company current. Laura Sproul prides herself on the fact that many shoppers walk through her store just for ideas, which attests to the creativity and currency that her staff impart to their many casual and comfortable furniture displays.

In the business meeting that followed Laura Sproul’s talk, Lion Bill Byrnes received recognition for 15 years of membership in the Bristol Area Lions Club. Discussion ensued on the Club’s annual eyeglass collection and on member recruitment. The next meeting of the Bristol Area Lions Club, on Monday, November 4, will feature Bristol resident Pete Hannah who will be speaking on forestry. To make dinner reservations for that meeting please call 677-6191.


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