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Bristol Area Lions Learn About Archoil 09/27/2016

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Allen Millett (right), from RJ Energy Solutions, is thanked for his informative presentation by Bristol Area Lions Club President Brendan Donegan.

At the meeting of the Bristol Area Lions on September 19, the members, a guest and their speaker enjoyed dinner at the Willing Workers Hall catered by Deb’s Diner. After dinner, Allen Millett, Director of Sales for RJ Energy Solutions LLC of Damariscotta, presented his latest venture to promote Archoil applications in Maine’s various markets for diesel engines and generators.

Archoil is a novel, nano-engineered lubricant and fuel additive designed to enhance combustion efficiency while reducing engine wear and carbon emissions. Nanoparticles are of great scientific and commercial interest because they have been shown to modify the interaction between bulk materials, such as metal parts and hydrocarbon fuels, at the level of their molecular structures.

The active ingredient in Archoil is potassium borate manufactured into an oil-soluble nanoparticle that binds to an engine’s metal surfaces. The resulting chemical reaction effectively prevents corrosion while decreasing friction between moving parts. An added benefit is that the metal-to-Archoil interface also catalyzes combustion so that fuel “burns” more efficiently at a lower temperature. The end results are engine life extension and reduced stack emissions. Archoil’s place in a “green” energy economy is also complemented by the fact that it is biodegradable.

Millett discussed several case studies, bringing to light notable observations from applied research. For example, adding Archoil, priced at 6 cents per gallon, to 265 gallons of diesel fuel, allows a locomotive to operate 20 degrees cooler and with an 11% lower total operating cost.

Findings along these lines in automotive applications are proving to be equally convincing, and Millett cited the work on Archoil done by Jay Leno. Leno’s YouTube videos tell a compelling story, which can be found by searching for “Nano Lubrication – Jay Leno’s Garage” or at the Archoil website (www.archoil.com) under the “Media” menu heading.

On a personal note during the evening’s conversation, Millett described his career and gravitation towards “green” technologies. Born and bred in Massachusetts, he spent 17 years in the computer industry at Digital Equipment Corp, 10 years in software sales at CollegeLink and Monster.com, 5 years at a non-profit organization, and the last 10 years on product branding and sales in new technologies.

In 1998, he relocated to Maine for life-style reasons. He now resides in Newcastle, where he has raised 4 boys (including triplets), all graduates of Lincoln Academy. When not pursuing technology, one of his many avocations is restoring Victorian barns.

The next meeting will be on October 3 at the Willing Worker’s Hall in New Harbor. The Bristol Area Lions Club will be hosting the first get together of Lions from Zone 10. To make reservations for that meeting at 6 p.m., please contact Herb Watson at 207-677-6191.

To learn more about the Bristol Area Lions Club, serving Bristol and South Bristol, call Walt Johansson at 207-677-2584.


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