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Bristol Students Learn About the Bill of Rights 02/13/2017

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Bristol Consolidated School seventh-graders in Rebecca Cooper’s Social
Studies class reviewed the first ten amendments of the U.S. Constitution,
known as the Bill of Rights, on Monday, Feb. 6 in celebration of Liberty
Day. They were guided by Bristol Area Lion and Bristol Consolidated School
Committee Chairman David Kolodin. Kolodin began with reviewing the Boston
Tea Party, a rebellion against the King of England who taxed the residents
of the new world without their representation. He proceeded to read each
of the first ten amendments asking the students pertinent questions. Some
question pertained to recent events and Kolodin was pleased with the
knowledge shown by the class

This is the fifth year the Bristol Area Lions have sponsored Liberty Day.
This event informs students about the federal government and how it
operates. The Bristol Area Lions Club gave each student a pocket-size
Liberty Day booklet which included the U.S. Constitution, the 27
amendments, and the Declaration of Independence. The first ten amendments
to the Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights and spells out what
right of rights each amendments grants to U.S. citizens.


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