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Bristol Area Lions host the Annual Speak Out contest 03/13/2019

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Speak Out

Bristol Area Lions Club Speak Out contestants: (from left) Grace Canny, Gus Hunt, Liam Cullina, Paige Camp, Scott Peterson and Riley Stevenson with Lion David Kolodin the coordinator of the event.

The Bristol Area Lions Club held its annual Speak Out contest on Monday, March 11 in the fellowship hall of the New Harbor Methodist Church.  Veggie lasagna, tossed salad and garlic bread followed by cookies and dessert was served by caterer Deb Thibault of Deb’s Bristol Diner. The speakers, parents and guests were sponsored by club members. 

After dinner, the six Lincoln Academy participating in the contest were introduced only by a previously drawn number by Lion David Koldodin, who had coordinated the event with Lincoln Academy debate advisor Matt Leland.  

The contestants chose their own topic and spoke on an issue they felt strongly about in a talk ranging from 4-6 minutes long, with penalties for going over or under the allotted time. These speeches must be organized, logical and presented with few or no notes. At the conclusion of each speech, the speakers were each asked two questions worded in such a way that required some reasoning or application of knowledge of the subject by Lion David Ray and guest Richard LaSalle. 

First prize was awarded to Liam Cullina, a senior, whose topic was “ocean acidification.” Second prize was awarded to Scott Peterson, a sophomore, whose topic was “the economic expansion of China.” Third place was awarded to Page Camp, a senior, who advocated for “mental health awareness.” Gus Hunt, a senior, spoke on “the modern Chinese economy.” Riley Stevenson, a sophomore, addressed “climate change in Muscongus Bay” and for Grace Canny, a junior, the topic was ”gun reform and control.”  

The performance of the speakers in several different categories was judged by Lions Bill Byrnes, Brendan Donegan, and Pastor Kelly Harvell of the New Harbor Church.   The Speak Out timekeeper was Lion Walt Johansson.  Liam Cullina will now compete at the regional Speak Out contest on Tuesday, March 26 at the library at Lincoln Academy. The winner of that event will compete at the state Speak Out contest on Saturday, April 27 at 1:00 p.m. at the Grand Summit Hotel, Sugarloaf Mountain, Carrabassett Valley. 

The next meeting of the Bristol Area Lions Club will be on Monday, April 1 and will take place at Deb’s Bristol Diner in Bristol Mills.  The meal will be fish & chips, coleslaw, followed by cookies and coffee. The speaker will be Marilee Harris, executive director of Stepping Stones Housing.  To make dinner reservations, call John Janell at 563-7402.

To learn more about the Bristol Area Lions Club, serving Bristol and South Bristol, contact Walt Johansson at 677-2584.



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