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Bristol Area Lions learn about Open Primaries Maine 05/08/2019

Posted by DS in meetings.

Bristol Area Lion John Janell thanks Campaign Manager, Open Primaries Maine Kaitlin LaCasse for her presentation.

Kaitlin LaCasse Campaign Manager, Open Primaries Maine drove an hour and a half from Raymond, on the north shore of Sebago Lake, to address the Bristol Area Lions on Monday, May 6.

Their 2019 goal is the passage of LD 211, “An Act to Open Maine’s Primaries and permit unenrolled voters to cast ballots in primary elections” in the 129th Maine Legislature. LD 211 would permit unenrolled voters to cast one ballot in the primary of their choice. Republicans cannot vote is in Democratic primaries and Republicans cannot vote in Republican primaries.

Commonly referred to as “independents,” unenrolled voters are registered voters who are not registered in any political party. 35% of Maine voters are unenrolled, a bloc that is larger than either Republicans or Democrats. 50% of millennials and 49% of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans are unenrolled. The bill is being sponsored by a number of Independent legislators, as well as Democrats and a Republican.

All Maine taxpayers pay for primary elections and polling shows that 75-80% of Maine Voters support open primaries. Maine is only one of 11 states with closed, members-only primaries.

If one is in favor of opening Maine’s primary elections, they may write a letter to the editor, ask friends and neighbors to join you in supporting, lobby your legislators, and/or make a financial contribution to Open Primaries Maine, P.O. Box 928, Gorham, ME 04038.


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